Sarah B. Stelfox

Hi there! A little bit about me: I grew up on the East Coast of the US, met my husband in Kenya, and moved to his home province of Alberta 30 years ago, and now live near the Kensington area of Calgary. I love books, wine, food I shouldn't eat, traveling, and coming home again. We've moved a lot, and I've always enjoyed arranging a lifetime of treasures and tchotchkes into warm, welcoming spaces...the best compliment I've gotten about our home is that guests find it cozy and comfortable. I would describe my style as "organized maximalist," as I crave order behind the scenes (neat and tidy pantries, closets, and drawers), but can't possibly edit a lifetime of children's drawings and adored trinkets to jump on the minimalist bandwagon. So, do you need help paring down your "behind the scenes" belongings? Does your living space look cluttered, rather than artfully collected? I can help with the organizing, and I offer home design services, as well. Whether you need help arranging and editing the things you already own, want to purchase new, want to purchase vintage, or any combination of the three, please get in touch, I'd love to help. 

Service area is Calgary. I'm occasionally in Edmonton, so would be available for consultations at those times. Available for online consulting, as well. 



$50 per hour in person

$50 remote coaching sessions: you send me pictures/concerns, I send you solutions

Member: Professional Organizers in Canada, Calgary Chapter


          It shouldn't need to be said, but equal opportunity organizing, obviously.


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