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Closet Reset

Updated: May 15, 2019

Closets can go from dark and crowded to bright and organized. Remove the mirrored sliding doors that block more than they reveal, pull out the wire shelves and put in solid clothes rods and wood shelves, and paint. Baskets on the top shelves sort stuff that used to be on the floor.

This is the after. The mirrored doors were removed, the brown paint redone with white, and the wire shelves replaced with sturdy wood and metal clothes rods. Now, you don't have to replace the mirrored sliding doors with regular opening doors, there are other options that are cheaper and easier that can be considered. Once the sliding doors are removed, you can just patch where they came off, and make an effort to keep the closet tidy. Another alternative is to hang curtains. Personally, this is the option I went with in our condo. Doors can be tricky, as we discovered with this reno here. I hired someone who did the doors from scratch, and it took forever (4 return visits) for him to get them to close properly. If you choose doors, hire a company or person that buys them intact, meaning jambs and doors installed in one unit, especially in older homes or condos that might have slightly wonky door jambs.

This is how they started, with sliding mirrored doors that only exposed a third of the closet at a time.

See that solid piece that goes around beneath the wire rack? That's what you want instead of the cheap wire rack above it. A wooden shelf sits on top of it, and the sturdy metal clothes rod gets installed into the wood (actually, MDF) support. In our case, another piece of MDF was installed directly above the existing one in order to keep the top clothes rod at the desired height.

And this is after. The white paint makes a huge difference, as do the new curtain rods, which make sliding the hangers a breeze.

Rather than keeping shoes on the floor, use these shoe boxes from Home Depot. They're cheap, some shoes (flats, flip flops) can fit multiples in a single box, and they stay dust free and easy to see and reach. Extra handbags go in wire baskets from Ikea. By organizing the closet, it freed up enough room to fit a chest of drawers inside.


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